July 28, 2021/ Crust CRM /by Vagisha Arora

With A CRM platform is an application development solution that can help your business develop and maintain effective customer relationships as well as nurture prospective sales leads. It can help your business improve sales, increase organizational efficiency, customize development features, and much more.

There are multiple different incredible CRM platform options available in the market today. However, Crust’s CRM Suite stands out amongst other available options due to its all-in-one features and tools, stunning system design, and its straightforward and uncomplicated user interface.

Best Features of Crust CRM

1) Advanced workflow engine

Crust’s CRM platform can help your business increase its overall efficiency. With the advanced workflow engine, you create and manage constructive business logic. This will help your business streamline and automate both advanced, critical business processes as well as repetitive, routine organizational tasks.

2) Visual editors

Visual editors use graphics and on-screen tools to help citizen developers with little to no traditional coding experience create complex and high-functioning enterprise applications.

Citizen development can lead to numerous benefits such as opportunities for cross-departmental collaboration, higher employee engagement, and more productivity.

Crust CRM provides users with visual editors and drag-and-drop tools that can make the application development process much easier and more efficient than ever before.

3) Dashboards

Crust provides businesses with rich, finely-tuned dashboards. They allow sales representatives and other employees to obtain consumer data and information quickly and easily.

Crust’s open-source CRM Suite is equipped with chart-making and graphic visualization tools. They allow you to customize your dashboards according to your business’s specific industry and your future organizational goals and objectives. With Crust’s dashboards, you can easily keep track of sales leads, promotional campaigns, monthly sales leads, and events.

4) A holistic overview of client history

When sales representatives have to rely on physical consumer records during customer interactions, it can lead to impersonal communication and significantly affect sales.

Therefore, Crust offers businesses a 360-degree view of all relevant customer information. This can help sales representatives communicate with prospective sales leads more effectively. As a result, this will certainly improve your brand perception and client retention.

According to Microsoft, 72% of customers stated that they expect the sales representative to be aware of their previous purchase history and their previous interactions with the company when contacting a business.

5) Security

Crust’s CRM Suite is completely open-source and can be self-hosted by businesses using their firewall or cloud service. This will allow you to protect confidential business data and enable you to encrypt sensitive personal customer data.

Crust — Application Development Platform For Your Business

Crust’s CRM Suite offers some of the best features out of the application development platforms currently available in the market today. It offers businesses a multitude of features such as advanced workflow engines, visual and graphic editors, informative user dashboards. Also, it has a 360-degree view of client history, and security and encryption measures. Try a demo so that you can take advantage of the power of CRM.

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Planet Crust is the creator and driving force behind Corteza, a 100% open-source low-code, rapid app development, business process and integration platform.

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Planet Crust

Planet Crust is the creator and driving force behind Corteza, a 100% open-source low-code, rapid app development, business process and integration platform.