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What is Golang?

Golang, also known simply as Go, is a popular open-source programming language created by Google with the help of numerous contributors from the open-source community. Golang was created to run huge applications and is desinged for large production systems with the aim of making it as easy as possible to build simple, reliable, and efficient software.

Google uses Golang to build and manage much of its application infrastructure. Salesforce also uses Golang for its Einstein Analytics tool, which visualizes all activities in your Salesforce environment, giving you insight into the information of users add to CRM such as accounts, contacts, campaigns, and so on.

Golang’s main benefits include:

  • Scalability
  • Concurrency
  • Fast compilation and execution
  • Multithreading
  • High performance
  • Static typing
  • Simplicity and consistency
  • Easy of learning
  • Powerful standard library

One of Golang’s biggest advantages is that it makes porting code easy.

Why it matters that your CRM is written in Golang?

When deciding on a CRM for your organization, especially an open-source CRM, the architecture and coding behind the CRM should be able to cater to scaling right from the go. Golang makes it easy for your CRM to scale vertically as well as horizontally, while also future-proofing your platform. The modern CRM landscape demands performance of the highest order, which is what Golang delivers.

Consistency also helps. When your CRM is written in Golang, you can easily deploy it on Docker, also written in Golang, and orchestrate it with Kubernetes, developed in Golang. Relying on one language from platform to deployment to orchestration makes to possible to manage complex cloud environments.

Then there’s the matter of customizing your CRM.

Customizable Low-Code CRMs

Customizable CRMs that rely on low-code technology are everywhere these days. Just look at Salesforce, which pioneered both cloud CRM and low-code technology. By having your CRM as part of a broader low-code app development platform means that you can build on top of or next to your CRM and customize your CRM to meet your exact requirements using pre-built components.

By relying on a low-code platform and CRM developed in Golang, with all data models embedded in the Golang backend, you can be sure you’re getting high across-the-board performance between any of the low code applications your organisation builds and uses in addition to its CRM.

Golang also ensures that your platform will integrate seamlessly external applications, ensuring that your systems perform on the level you need them to to run your organization efficiently and effectively.

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